Thursday, July 26, 2012

Priceless Gifts from my Heavenly Father


Today I am thankful for the flexibility of a summer schedule. A schedule not requiring my children and I to wake up early in our race to get the day's deeds done. 

Today, due to the storm this morning, I had a little munchkin of mine crawl into the space my hubby had vacated to head off to work. She curled up at my side and we peacefully drifted off to sleep. I awoke thankful for the sight before me. Her curly hair was sticking out haphazardly from her head, with spiraled strands framing her doll like face. Her sweet little nose was turned slightly upwards and issuing soft little snores. 


It’s one of those precious moments I cherish because all too quickly it will be gone. I whispered

“Good morning.” 

 She slowly lifted her sleepy eye lids revealing her marble sized bright blue eyes.  Her sigh turned into a smile and she said, 

“Happy sleep.”

I nodded in agreement.

I am also grateful this morning for a friend of mine Julie. Julie and I knew of and even prayed for each other long before we met one another in person. We shared a common friend and sister in Christ, Bonnie.

Bonnie was someone who left an impact on whomever she met. She was a mix of beauty, gentleness, and a searing wit.  

Her quiet gentle demeanor and gift of discernment would set you at ease, but if she knew you really well, this lovely southern genteelness might at any moment give way to a pursing of her lips, followed by a slight smirk. Simultaneously there would be a sparkle in her eyes as she would catch you completely off guard with a witty and insightful zinger. She could leave you speechless and slack-jawed, instantly followed by chuckles and stress relieving bursts of laughter.

Bonnie Galey
 January 10, 1958 - March 20, 2012

I miss her so very much.

 (With tears in my eyes now.) I confess to you how I often watched Bonnie, trying to learn from her example. I studied how she handled people and life’s struggles. I mulled over her nuggets of wisdom from serving alongside her husband in the ministry. She was my mentor. It was unspoken, but I know she knew. 

I miss her so very much.

 I have one more gift to thank her for. On the day that we celebrated her beautiful life, at her funeral, I finally met Julie.  I have a new sister in Christ now, because the Lord saw fit to bring our lives together through Bonnie’s life and death here on earth. 

Today I will celebrate Bonnie’s life, her gift of friendship, and her final blessing of Julie. I can imagine Bonnie smiling as her gift unfolded for us. I am so grateful to her and the Lord for Julie and the encouragement, prayers, and wisdom she shares with me. 

Julie's story is one of heartache, struggles and yet abounds with joy, gratefulness and adventure. Her passion for the Lord, and her joy in speaking of His love and grace for others are contagious. (So is her fantastic sense of humor.)

 Today please take a moment and read Julie’s post “All Iever had to do was open my mouth…” from her blog, “Just Julie”.

It follows right along with our call to share God’s good news with others. I pray today you can be filled to the point of overflowing with gratitude and joy for the great things God has done for us. I pray that as you overflow with this gratitude for the big and small gifts you have been given, you discover how true Julie’s message is.

Please follow this link to her post...

Luke 6:45b
...for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

What are you thankful for today friends? 


  1. I am so thankful that I will soon(in December) be a grandmother! Cannot wait to hold our precious grandson!! Thankyou for sharing your heart! It touched my heart as I looked at Bonnie's picture and realized that she was born just two months before me. It brings so much into perspective.
    I found your link to this post on Better Bloggers FB page.

    1. Congrats to you Gay!!! How exciting and what a present to receive around Christmas time. :) I have heard it's the best job ever to be a grandmother. It's been hard for so many of us to lose Bonnie when she was so young, but I remind myself that I know where she is, and she is definitely singing with a heavenly choir now, with no more tears, and no more pain. She survived far longer than the doctors thought. (Breast Cancer) That is our Lord at work. She gave it all to Him. :)

  2. I think I would have loved knowing Bonnie and we would have been good friends. Thank you for honoring her life so more of us had a chance to "know" her.

    1. Bonnie was such a blessing and I feel like I only touched the tip of the ice berg. You would have loved her. :)

  3. What a blessing and gift from God when He allows godly women to come into and touch our lives. Thank you for sharing about dear Bonnie.

    1. Amen! :) I am so grateful. I am still learning from her example and a few others that God has brought into my life. There is so much to learn. :)