Monday, May 14, 2012

What do Mother's Day, tummy pains, and world hunger. have in common?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We had some grand plans for the day ahead, at least grand to us. My sweet husband had it all worked out. We would go to church, then come home, change clothes, and head to one of our family’s favorite places,  Beale Street to meet with my parents and my sister’s family.

We were going to get messy eating some yummy bbq and then head out to play tennis. We might even run around on my sister’s family farm outside enjoying the glorious weather and each other’s company. 

What a great day?! Right?

 Well the day started out alright. We went to church. It was a great time in Bible study. The fellowship was sweet and the sermon was awesome. 

We happily went home afterwards. Changed our clothes, and at this point, I started to have a twinge of pain in my gut, but no matter it was not too bad. We hopped in the car and were off to the restaurant.

In the short 15 minute drive, my health deteriorated. It felt like I had a bunch of quarters turning over all through my intestinal tract. 

Excuse me for the details, but it felt awful. (At this point I chuckle in writing this. It was not funny at the time, but at the last winter youth retreat, 3 of the teens in our youth group decided to eat pennies. Oh my, oh my….a story for another day.)

Needless to say by the time we reached the restaurant I was working on a contortion act for the circus in the front seat where I was sitting and I couldn’t bring myself to go in. 

Sadly, I stayed in the car hoping it would pass, but it did not. So my dear hubby gathered the kids who had just exited the car and put them back in, and we headed home. 

So, so sad. 

They were upset. He was upset. I was…in pain, and upset. My daughter’s were having fits of drama since a fun day with their cousins, Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents, and family was canceled in such a quick moment.

When we got home I crawled into bed and curled into a ball. I listened as my daughter wandered the halls in misery that this couldn’t possibly occur on Mother’s Day. It was unfair. It was possible that it was the worst day ever. Those were her very words. (So does anyone else have a drama queen trapped  in a six year olds body in their home too?)

And at one time, if my Mother’s Day did not go well, I too would find myself wandering the halls of self pity in my mind. 

Consoling myself in what should have been and maybe even griping about this to my poor husband. The wonderful thing about all of this is that I didn’t feel like that. 

Okay... Yes, I felt awful physically speaking, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I felt just fine. 

I felt loved. 

I felt no angst or self pity at all. I just felt grateful.  God has done a lot in my heart over the years.  This weekend was no exception. He has been teaching me about what matters most. When I keep my eyes on Him, all of the other stuff fades.

I thought about all the errands my husband and I were able to get done on Saturday. 

I thought about the fact that since we were home he could get some things done before he left for a quick work trip, which I know were eating at him the last few days.

I thought about how blessed I am right now. I have both of my parents still here on this earth to spend time with. I have a home, a car, clothes, a loving family and my children are all healthy!

It’s not always been like this. It won’t always be like this. Even though I was sick and still am, I have been savoring the blessed time we are in right now.

How are you doing friends?

What are you grateful for?

I am working on a few projects right now to raise awareness about hunger, water, and poverty issues that people face in the world. Our teens are once again plunged into raising funds and awareness for World Hunger. We are studying the persecuted church and praying for them.

My goodness we have it so good here. 

We need to wake up. Why get caught in so many trivial things like how updated is the d├ęcor in your home? 

How new is your car?

 How stylish are your clothes?

 It’s a wasteland of things that we chase here in the U.S. and none of it leads to any great improvement for society. 

No lifelong fulfillment and peace comes to us by purchasing or gaining these things. 

They perish.  

So why are we chasing them? And yes I have been there. I have moments when I start to pine over someone else’s kitchen but oh my goodness, I have a kitchen in my home and it’s full of good food, and clean water for my family to consume! 

I have so much to be thankful for. 

Are you there? 

Are you stuck in the drive to buy more, spend more, and gain more?  

Do you ever have a moment when you come to your senses…

Where you “smell the coffee”, so to speak, and think there has got to be something more than this?

Well my friends, there is…

A verse for your thoughts. Matthew 6:19-21

To be continued…

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