Friday, May 11, 2012

Good to the last drop.

Finger licking good.

Have you ever had this moment?

I was watching my son drink his hot cocoa and trying very hard to not giggle and call attention to him, but he was so intent. We were having a special treat. We had ordered some yummy peppermint hot cocoas at a coffee shop. He was definitely having a good to the last drop moment. And we can add finger licking good to it as well. He had drained every drop from his cup, but upon noticing the reticent creamy foam and peppermint pieces stuck to the edges of the inside of his cup, he proceeded to stick his finger into the cup gliding it around and then licking the delicious remnants from it.  He was a sticky happy mess.

This is not proper behavior at home or in public, but he was so intent. I just smiled and watched him enjoy his moment of cocoa glee. It's good to have those moments as a parent.

Today a few days later I found myself scraping the bottom of a pan with great fervor. I had made a batch of four berry jam and it tasted so good that it was frustrating me that so much was still stuck to the sides of the pan. I didn’t want one bit to go to waste.

And then it hit me.

How would my relationship with the Lord be different if each day I approached Him like the peppermint cocoa or this batch of four berry jam?

I know my Lord is the most wonderful person in my life. His love is sweet. He is my only source and life with Him has been the best I could ever imagine. Before Him my life was full of empty pursuits. Depression, loneliness, and disappointments plagued me. It was empty. No matter what I tried I could never fill it or keep it full.

Now I am full. My life is full. “He completes me.” Yes I just used the cheesy Jerry McGuire movie quote, but it’s true.

Knowing all of this. Why is it that I have times in my life where I do not pursuit Him with the same fervor, of “Good to the last drop.” Why am I not scraping the sides of the jam pan or digging into my Bible to glean every new morsel from the Lord that I can. You see the deeper I dig into His word. The deeper I dig into who He is I find him all the more sweet. More full of depth, more satisfying, and never ending in His supply to my needs. 
Just a quick read of Psalm 103 and we should be in awe of all that He does and is. Take more time and write down every action He takes and character trait listed. He is "Good to the last drop", but the best part is that He never runs out. 

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