Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day and Memories. God has a perfect plan.

Reubin at The National Day of Prayer Service.

                Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day to honor our men and women who have served or are serving in the military. I spent parts of this Holiday weekend messaging here and there with Reubin a member of our family who is currently serving in the Military down at Fort Hood.  As I was attempting to go to sleep last night, I found myself marveling at Gods impeccable timing. You see, we used to live in this tiny, old, and very hodgpodged home. It had this nutty layout that did not make a lot of sense, nor was it very functional, but it did come with 2 acres and 9 foster boys that lived 2 doors down from us. They were always a lot of fun and up to some crazy antics.  Little did we know at the time, but one of these boys, would stay in our hearts and eventually family, in a way only God could plan.

We lived in our little hodgepodge home for the first 6 years of our marriage. It was a home full of lessons to be learned.  (In other words it was old. The pipes froze, the roof leaked, it occasionally flooded, and I was positive that if a tornado came we would be carried off to the land of Oz in it.).)  One of the actual joys of living there was the boys who lived 2 doors down from us. They would constantly pop over for a chat, to play golf, or to climb our huge elm trees. Sometimes they would be up in a tree in our yard waiting for one of us to come out and other times they would knock hurriedly at our door in utter excitement to show us something their birthparent had sent them. They were all eager for some hang time. My hubby had set up a mock golf course in our yard and one of the boys just loved to come over and play it. His name was Reubin. I smile just thinking back on it. He had a great smile that could light up a room. Sometimes we would open our door to find him already started on a game. This was a joy to us. My hubby worked for Chrysler and sometimes was able to bring home "fun" cars like a Dodge Viper. He once asked Reubin if he wanted a ride home in one. Reubin's eyes grew huge and then lit up with excitement! You did not have to ask him twice, even if it was only a ride to his home 2 doors down from us, he loved every second of it. There were good times and sometimes rough times. Once we found Reubin wandering around outside crying without shoes in the middle of winter.  It was after this that my hubby and Reubin’s foster parents had some disagreements about what they were doing with all of those boys. Shortly after they told the boys they couldn't come over anymore. This broke our hearts. It was worrisome, and heart wrenching. So we continued to pray for them. Then we moved not too long after and thus sadly thought we would never get to see them again. It was rough. The boys stayed in our hearts, their faces didn't leave our minds so we continued to pray for them. Even though the door seemed shut we knew it was important to pray.

Then God did something so cool. My sister called one day to tell me about a new family at their church. It was Reubin's foster family. I began praying all the more.  I kept my mouth closed about our past issues though because I didn't want anything to interfere with them going to my sister's church. (I recalled hearing from one of the boys that they had church hopped quite a bit before.) Then I noticed my sister speaking more and more about Reubin. You see my sister and her husband work with the youth of their church also, but Reubin was fast becoming more than just a teen in their youth group, he was a part of their family. Finally one day we were able to see Reubin again too. Wow! It was amazing to see Reubin all grown up. He was no longer this little kid but a young man and now taller than me.

It has been such a blessing to see God’s plan unfold. Reubin is a permanent part of our family. My kids know Reubin well. He is the big brother to my nieces, and nephew. He is the 4th child my sister was waiting for. (Another story for another day) He calls our mom and dad his grandparents. Reubin is one of God's gifts to our family. Right now he is away. He has been serving in the military for the last 2 years. We are thankful he is on U.S. soil again and at a base, but we cannot wait till he gets to come back for a visit. He even helped my son with a recent school project which made my son’s day. I am glad my son can look up to him and his example. He is such a blessing! I love how God's plans come together! Where we thought a door had closed God threw open a more permanent one a little further down the road. God's plans are perfect and His timing is impeccable.

This is a reminder I need from day to day. There are other members of our family in dire trouble and struggling. We help where they allow us to and continue to pray. It’s been rough and scary at times, but I need the reminder that God has a plan and His timing is impeccable. So I will trust Him. He is always faithful.

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
My sis and Reubin.

Celebrating all of the guys birthdays in the family together.
Good times and laughter.


  1. My heart skipped a couple beats while reading, my mouth was silenced, my eyes produced a stream of water running down my face, my soul will be forever changed. In a time of sorrow, you raised me up. I wouldn't allow God to take my pain away. So he sent you to do his work for me. It all makes sense now. I am so blessed. He moves in mysterious ways, yet I can see how he does it. Forever changed.

  2. God is so amazing in the ways that He works!