Saturday, May 25, 2013

A song which is on my heart today...

I was recently introduced to this group, More than Rubies.
This song, Image of God, is hauntingly beautiful.
I find it speaks volumes.

I am so grateful today my friends that we serve a loving, wonderfully creative, and healing God.

He can take our past sorrows, broken hearts, lost innocence, and make us whole...

Make us new.

For this today I am grateful. 

I pray you know this.

I pray that no matter your past...

The good, the bad, the broken, and the hurting.

I pray you have experienced His loving and healing hands which take the shards of our broken life and make them not just new, but beautifully stronger than ever before.

And if you haven't yet?
I would love to talk and pray with you.

It's an amazing gift to be on the potter's wheel.

God Bless you today my friends.

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