Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updates for you.

Yep, this is the book I keep mentioning! ;) 

Hello my friends! 
I just wanted to keep you posted on some updates for some of the projects we have been doing on here. Yesterday I posted about a new challenge that will be involving my whole family and I am thrilled about it.

Rest assured friends, I am still continuing our blog theme on missions, but now my kids will be joining us in our adventures on here from time to time!

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 Please join us as we journey together to follow God’s call for each of us to live for Him daily. I promise you, I give simple steps to start living out God’s call to serve, by being His hands and feet whether here or abroad.

  I will also keep you posted with the changes and challenges the kids and I are taking on this year to live like Jesus asked us to as a family. We are taking a note from Jen Hatmaker’s book, “Seven” to take time each week to learn about a country, the people and children there.  

A few of the books the kids will be reading through as we study. :)

We will study their stories and struggles, and then will sit down and eat a meal that these children would eat in their country. (Yes that may mean, just plain rice and beans for our meal that night and so on.) We will use this as a time to be in prayer for these people from all over the world. We are excited for the Lord to open our eyes to His world view and heart for people.

Our Top Secret Free the Girls drive has been a blast so far. I have a facebook event page where I keep everyone posted. The men in our church are pretty confused by it so far, but it's been a blast for the ladies. :)

 I am especially encouraged by the response I have received via the blog-world. There are now people doing the Free the Girls drives in several other states! WOOT! I love it when women unite for a cause! I still encourage you to go for it and have a Free the Girls, drive at your work or church.

I will also continue blogging for Compassion this month. Please continue to pray for these beautiful children and for sponsors to step forward for them.

On a side note...
I have been called a bleeding heart multiple times. It was always said in an insulting manner, and sometimes I took it as such, but about 2 weeks ago in I wrote down a little "return" for this insult. A mental motto/reminder for myself when someone jabs at me again.

"I will be a bleeding heart for Jesus, after all His heart bled for me." 

I am taking a stand. I will continue to be called "crazy", but then so was my Jesus. It’s a compliment in the end. J

Let’s live love this week friends. Remember Love Does!

Much love and blessings to you all!

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