Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Sneak Peek of the Ultimate Homemaking E-book Bundle Sale

So this is not something I normally do, but a friend of mine, Jenni Mullinix has her awesome book in this bundle, Clean Enough. Plus there are about 6 other books I have been wanting to purchase and you guessed it... They are in this bundle!!! (Hence my excitement! I love getting a deal. Woot!)

This bundle goes on sale tomorrow morning at 9am EST and will only be on sale until May 4th.

 I can honestly tell you I am buying it for myself. Just check out this listing of fabulous books and I think you will see why. I am already following some of their blogs and have read some of their books.( I cannot vouch for all of them as I have definitely not read all 97 books, but I am looking forward to it.)

Some of the items I am especially excited about are the home school resources and the devotional studies to do with your children. I am especially excited about, The Dig, which I have already heard great things about from quite a few people.

Also in my families efforts to switch to healthier, more natural meal plans, I am pumped for the cook books section. (EEP!) The ice cream cookbook (Not healthy!) and 20 minute meals are quite handy too. (Okay, so I love cooking. I really, really do.)

The list keeps going with devotionals for women, marriage, cleaning helps, home decorating, pregnancy and more. Truthfully, I am a little over-whelmed by this listing, but then I love to read and once I  download them to my reader I get to take my time going through them. :)

If you have questions about how to use this with your particular E-reading device Please Click Here for the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please, take some time and check out this list that is a hint of whats to come tomorrow. It's only on sale for one week and then I promise you won't hear a thing about it again. I normally do not have the time to review or sell things from my blog, but I thought this was worth it and I love helping to get the word out about some of my wonderful blogging friends.

I hope you have a wonderful week friends, and again there is absolutely no pressure to buy any of this. (Seriously, I don't like pressure.) I just wanted to let you know about it.

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Disclosure: Starting on April 29, if you opt to purchase this bundle via a link from this site, I will receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. I am excited to tell you the Funds provided to this site through this sale will be donated towards charity. (Since my site is for ministry purposes, I wanted to keep it that way by using the profits for ministry.) Of course, you are never obligated to make a purchase. Thank you!  

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