Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When I am on the edge... He whispers

"His kind of love is reckless for us
His kind of love will never give up
Till the whole world knows how far he went to show..."
-Group 1 Crew

I encourage you to click on the links to read the actual Bible verses that I will be paraphrasing through out this post. I pray they bring you encouragement and for the Lord to strengthen you and protect your hearts in Him. I pray for blessings and growth through Him. That you have eyes to see his love for you today and every day. I pray for peace in the storms that you may be experiencing in your life right now. His peace that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:4-9

Silence falls all around me, it’s a rare feat.

In the midst of the chaos in my life I find this moment precious and dear. 

A time where my Lord is sending me His sweet reminders of,

“I love you. I love you, even when you are in pajamas, with a mess of hair on your head and feeling quite inadequate for these tasks in the days ahead. I will be a light unto your path.

He whispers in the angry winds that seem to batter our home,

When you are weak, then I am strong. Do not be afraid for I am your God and I will comfort you and hold you up through these storms.”

When I lay down with the cares of the day weighing heavy on my heart…

When tears fall as I weep for the loss of someone dear. Or I find myself grieving the times of hurt and division in God’s body or even within our own family.

When I wonder what in the world I am supposed to do today with so many people screaming for their wants, and their needs, like a toddler yelling incessantly, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Yet, He is still there…
Wrapping His warm loving arms around me and prodding me with His tender mercies.

 “Cast your cares upon me. Don’t stress or worry about tomorrow, for each day is enough on its own.  Above all else guard your precious heart in me for it is the wellspring of life.”

When the noise and stress of this world get too loud and I feel yanked and torn by those who would harm…
When I want to yell,
“Just be quiet! Leave me alone! I can’t do this anymore!”

God sets my feet upon His rock of truth and tells me to stand.
He nudges me forward with these simple words,

I Love you, my precious child, with all of My heart. I will not leave you nor forsake you.”

When I slowly pick myself up from the ground, and ask Him what can I do? I am so frail and weak! Why do you want to use me? What could I possibly do for you? He tells me,

“I have shown you, my daughter, what is good.
    Act justly and love mercy
    take each step humbly with Me.

So today I choose to rejoice in His love and in His promises. 

I will say yes to my Lord and sometimes that means saying no to others. 

I will guard my heart each day and follow His light of truth for each step I take towards justice and mercy; loving Him and loving others. 

I will stand in His strength alone, not my own. 

Casting my cares upon His strong and able shoulders for He is my God, my Fortress, my Abba Father.

I want to thank a dear friend of mine, Mandy, for her fearlessly transparent blogging and amazing prayers that inspired this. If you get a chance you can check out her beautiful blog at
 Hearts Undaunted 

God Bless you friends!


  1. Beautiful! All these Scripture reminders are wonderful! Allowing us into the realities of your life and your choice to cling to God in it is a gift to anyone who reads this. Thank you, precious and brave friend--for writing this and for the shout out:) Love you!

    1. Hugs and thank you for those prayers and encouragement! You are such a blessing!

  2. These is so beautiful. It is rejoicing to know that He is with us watching as we go through life.

    1. Amen! I am so grateful He is there every step of the way. :)