Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Irony and Updates...

Oh the irony that my last post was about quitting. Especially when I  had no intention of quitting... I had written that post a couple of months earlier and it just happened to be posted the day after my eye surgery. Seriously!? lol. Sometimes, life's timing can be hilarious.

Eye surgery that has left me with some rather annoying issues with computer screens, therefore I haven't written in well, what feels like foreverrrr...

Sorry that is me being over dramatic. I haven't written in over a month.  I do know at some point my eyes will finish their healing process and I will be up and running again, but for now I have to sit back and be patient.

 I have moments where I wish I was one of those amazing writers that could just whip out something and not worry about having made any grammatical mistakes, but "le sigh" that is not me.

I make mistakes. They need to be corrected...Which means too much time on this glaring screen and it makes my eye go a bit wonky.(Wonky is my new favorite word... I don't even know if it is actually a word? And how does one spell it, but hey it applies nicely to so much of my life right now. So wonky it tis.)

On the other hand? I can see! I was legally blind before and I can see. I mean seeeeee! It's been a joy, quite the learning process, and an adventure to go through this surgery. When I can handle longer periods on the computer I will share more about the whole experience. There is a lot I have learned about trusting in the Lord and in leaning on others.

Just know this my friends, I have not quit on you or on writing. Occasionally I have even tried writing with a blanket over the screen of my laptop which confused my kids to no end. lol (Can you see there faces?! "Uh. Mom? What exactly are you doing?")

Lastly, since I haven't been able to write on my blog or be on the computer as much, I have had more time to pray for you, and this is probably more important work for me to do anyways. ;)

So my prayers are with you! And if you have any requests please let me know.
God bless you all greatly. I look forward to the day when I can share with you that my eyes are completely restored and I can get back to writing and sharing with you again.

Sorry if this is rife with errors... I will not be checking it as my eyes are now passed wonky stage...ACk!

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