Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonder women to Free the Girls! Who is with me?

Greetings my Friends and Wonder Women everywhere!

I have to tell you I am so excited. I am participating in both of the projects I posted about on Monday in my, "Wonder Woman, Wonder Bras, and the Fight for Justice" post.

My postcards came in on Monday evening from IJM's 100 Postcards Challenge and I have some signatures already started in our battle for freedom for those caught in the grips of Human Trafficking. It's been easy to garner signatures and honestly I have yet to meet someone who does not want to end slavery. 

Mostly I find this postcard project is helping to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in general. This is such a simple and easy task. You simply take a few of the postcards with you when you go out and visit friends and family, or run errands. I especially like that my children can help as well. (They are educated on the basics of Human slavery for their little ears do not need to know all of the details about Human Trafficking quite yet.) We will be taking the IJM postcards to church this week as well. This is a win-win situation in which we help to get Congresses attention while raising other's awareness that slavery in all forms still exists and is thriving.

Now, the following is  FOR LADIES EYES ONLY…

This next part is TOP SECRET!!!

Now can I share with you what makes me giggle? (I can assure it is not Human Trafficking, but a twist on how we can fight Human/Sex trafficking and get more women to join us in a fun way.) Quite honestly, I get a bit giddy, when I think about it…

We are going to start a bra smuggling operation in our church for the "Free the Girls" Ministry. This operation is loosely based on those crazy facebook posts the women do for breast cancer support. Have you seen those? We women post a crazy message on facebook, but refuse to reveal to the men what in the world we are talking about? (I always enjoy reading the comments that follow those posts…they crack me up.)

Now envision this being applied to collecting bras for the “Free the Girls” ministry. I have enlisted some of our College and Teen Girls to be "Collectors". I have also enlisted some of my friends in the Women's Ministry to get the word out to the women secretly. The women are to go out and gather up clean, gently used bras for donation and then bring/smuggle them in secretly to our teen girls, along with any monetary donations people would like to make for shipping the bras from Free The Girls, to Mozambique.. 

The object is for all of this to be done in secret. The women secretly collect the bras and then hide them through different means of bags and/or packaging. Then, they are instructed to "smuggle" them to one of our "Collectors".  (Honestly I do not want anyone to have to lie about what they are doing. I am not endorsing lies. We are intending to have a funky catch phrase that honestly tells what we are doing, but does not actually reveal it in its entirety.)

Now of course I will let our Pastor and the Youth Pastor know, but besides the few key leaders who need to be in the know, we will keep this secret. We are currently working on a catchy phrase for our collection. It may be, "Free the Girls, it is Top Secret." or perhaps something a bit stranger and vague... I will keep you posted.

My question today is, who is with me?

(This photo is taken directly from the website.)

Will anyone else join in this Top Secret Campaign for "Free the Girls" at their church.  One of my favorite things, is when God's body of believers unite across the denominational lines and work together.
 Are you with me?
 Do you have ideas to add or a catchy slogan we should use?
 Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

All right ladies it’s time to stand and be Wonder Women together.

Isaiah 58:9-10
“If you do away with the yoke of oppression,
    with the pointing finger and malicious talk,
 and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
    and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
    and your night will become like the noonday. 


  1. Look at you go! I'm going to share this post with the friend I mentioned to you the other day. You rock, girl!

  2. I love that your blog is being used to help others. So wonderful! The whole "free the girls" thing is a trip! Good luck with this! Sounds awesome!!

    1. Thank you Adrienne! :) It has been amazing how many women are jumping in. God is awesome!

  3. It's a cleaver hoot! Such a worthy project. Love that you've made it fun.

    1. I have been praying/researching for ways to help more women get involved in this. A friend of mine had mentioned Free the Girls and it took off. God is getting us moving. :)